Football in India is at an all-time high. The face of the football in the country is changing. Apart from professional career options and physical development, football has much more to contribute in the leadership skills development of children. Football helps builds character, develops strategic thinking, analytical thinking, goal setting and risk taking, just to name a few.

India is a country that has the schools for almost everything and anything. Academics, dance, drama, acting, theatre, cricket and many more. But then why are we lacking in the number of the State of Art football school? If we aim to beat the world’s best in the race of being the best and defeat the mighty stars of this game, we need to start young.

At UHF FA we have a global model for development of all trainees to take them from hobby player to amateur to professional. True development occurs when each trainee’s daily training and playing environment is of the highest quality. Quality coaching and facilities will contribute positively to player development. UHF FA is place where the child can learn to play along with developing his leadership qualities with the help sound curriculum, quality coaching and playing environment.

Technical Highlights of UHF – FA Academy

  • Focus on excellence in Technical development by working on a range of movements and techniques
  • Makes the player tactically perfect by training him in the understanding of when, where and what techniques
  • Helps the player achieve the optimum level of physical fitness by working on their Speed, Strength, Suppleness, Stamina and Skill.
  • Inculcate football nutrition; the player learns how to fuel his body on & off the field.
  • The UHF-FA inculcates a winning mentality and a strong character with a positive attitude to improve performance on and off the field.
  • Talented players will be offered appropriate age category DDFC teams to play in.
  • Make the child understand the skills of the game along with its law.
  • Providing, encouraging, and promoting constructive coaching;
  • Organizing and sponsoring teams to be entered into football leagues and tournaments;

Other Benefits

  • Teaches one that discipline is essential for skill building
  • To obtain a level of physical fitness and coordination that will benefit them in later life
  • Ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment to play and have fun
  • To learn to work/play with others in a team endeavour, as sports is a great equalizer and unites youth from various backgrounds
  • Team membership provides them with an opportunity to form friendships, mentoring and intensify peer networks

To learn to be gracious in victory as well as defeat and teaches yhe knowledge that winning is not a life or death situation

 Training Centre

You can check out the most suitable place in a nearby location here

  • DDA Sports Complex, Saket
  • Gaurs International School, Noida EX