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Problem statement

Reduced ability of children to deal with failures and compounded exposure to stressful environment has resulted in depression and suicide rates in students. Our modern education system lacks the comprehensive approach and practicality to help your child deal everyday worries. This insufficiency’s have a long-lasting impact on your child’s psychology, resulting in under-development and weak responses to the challenges of the world making them sick mentally, physically and spiritually. Today’s academics focussed child development models lack improvements of child’s inner strength, ethics intellect, values and character.



Keeping in mind gaps of our education system and issues faced by children (and subsequently their parents) Universal Health Foundation (UHFWORLD) team decided to take Child Development as one of the key supported causes. Extensive research was conducted and inputs of 100’s of child development experts were sought. The end result concluded that our traditional Vedic system of education when married to modern day Theory of Multiple Intelligences (by world’s foremost child development psychologist Dr. Howard Gardener) serves as the ideal model for all-inclusive child development.

Edusports M&V


UHF EduSports mission is to discover natural strength’s and talent of a child and help them develop them further to become successful in genuine sense.


UHF EduSports vision is to develop a social environment where each child inner potential and intelligence gets acknowledged, appreciated and they achieve real success in their life which leads towards building a happy and healthy society.

Universal Health Foundation Football 

UHF FA is dedicated to the holistic development of football at grass-root level, an approach that goes beyond football skills, and includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working towards both the success and failure of one’s efforts, the rewards and sometimes humbling experiences that result, and the friendships that are developed along this continuum. Read More


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Football in India is at an all-time high. The face of the football in the country is changing. Apart from professional career options and physical development, football has much more to contribute Read More

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UHF Sports Fest initiative in the field of sports is for communities, schools, corporates etc. for promoting sports to drive social skill development, health-enhancing and increase physical activities. Read More