There is only one life; whatever we do, develop, distribute and destroy, aims at trading the lifespan. As a matter of fact, there is nothing more important than raising the quality of life. When we talk nurturing the healthy lives, we at UHF, are aware of the sustainable solutions we need to develop to achieve a much greener and cleaner mother earth. We, hereby, declare our commitment to inculcate the fundamentals to the budding generations with the début of UHF Environment.



Keeping in mind gaps of our education system and issues faced by children (and subsequently their parents) Universal Health Foundation (UHFWORLD) team decided to take Child Development as one of the key supported causes. Extensive research was conducted and inputs of 100’s of child development experts were sought. The end result concluded that our traditional Vedic system of education when married to modern day Theory of Multiple Intelligences (by world’s foremost child development psychologist Dr. Howard Gardener) serves as the ideal model for all-inclusive child development.


  • To foster an appreciation for the natural environment of India and the importance of a healthy environment in the pursuit of the social and economic well-being of all.
  • To identify the sustainable solutions in the reach of common man.
  • To assist and work in close partnership with project proponents in ensuring that their projects are both environmentally and technically sound
  • To have an effective compliance monitoring program aims at ensuring compliance with India’s Environmental Laws;
  • To contribute in the development of a functional process for strong intra/inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral cooperation which is essential in addressing environmental issues;
  • To work closely with local, regional, national and international agencies and organizations on environmental issues

Environment Services

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