About Wellness

UHFWORLD views good health as the end result of intricate interplay between various Biological, Behavioral and Social Factors. At UHFWORLD we believe that Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Hence, the UHF Wellness is working towards bringing preventative and restorative health solutions to the Individual by providing essentials for a healthy body using traditional healing systems in treating various diseases. This approach has proven to be successful in treating both chronic and acute diseases.


UHF Wellness will bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to the Individual by providing essentials for a healthy body (both on the inside and the outside) using natural methods that are chemical-free and enable the individual to take responsibility for their health.


  • The UHF Wellness focus is towards healing (or management) of ubiquitous life-style related chronic diseases generally categorized as non-curable. Our goals remain achieving this through combination of Ashtanga Yoga Practices, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Nutrition, etc.
  • To spread awareness on how to manage (and cure) various existing ailments using various alternative options that are inexpensive and have minimum side effects.
  • To take up (with related agencies) various external factors those are negatively impacting health of our people, animals, food and ecosystem.

Corporate Wellness

Role of Corporate & Management in Wellness of employees  

Corporate Management support is crucial to the success of any health & wellness program. Corporate leaders, have the opportunity to build supportive work environments that promote employee health and well-being. Employee health & wellness is a smart investment for today’s corporate leaders. Managers/ Management team have the power to create a healthier workplace. This is because they have the opportunity to lead their employees by example. Employees are much more likely to get involved in wellness activities if they see that their managers are doing so. In fact, the central part of a manager’s role is to stimulate constructive change and maintain a supportive environment. Management teams are the instigators and organizers of change. They are responsible for follow through and quality control.

  • Employees need a manager’s support to create a thriving culture of wellness and sustainable behaviour change.
  • Employees want their managers to give them permission and say that it’s okay to walk at lunch or attend a company yoga class or a wellness program.
  • Management team are like gatekeepers. They allocate resources such as time, space and money.
  • As leaders, managers work to create conditions that are conducive to success. They are accountable for the failure of the group or organization

Management can easily utilize their leadership skills to encourage and enable healthy behaviour around the office. The great thing about promoting healthy habits is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated; it can be done easily thru short-term and long-term health interventions for their employees

Community Wellness

Role of Community in Wellness of Individuals & Society

Society must create and maintain the conditions under which members of the community can be healthy and wellness can be promoted. The responsibility for maintaining and improving the health & wellness lies with all sectors of society. Community Leaders Play a very important & vital role in the promotion & awareness of health & wellness thru the short-term and long-term intervention in their community / congregation.

  • They support a wellness programs by explaining how the program works, why it is important and how people can participate. Leaders can communicate these basics in a way that inspires participation and lets people know that wellness is a priority.
  • Leaders can help in developed a comprehensive, innovative, and grassroots approach in order to improve the Health Care
  • Leaders can act as bridging the gap between the different cultural, linguistic, communication, immigration-related, socio-economic and institutional factors which serve as barriers in Health Care.
  • Community wellbeing is the combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political well-being and community leaders can play a vital role neutralizing these factors and bringing a healthy change in the society.
  • Community Leaders can act as motivators to individuals to change their unhealthy lifestyle and practices. They can help in raising awareness and provide the guidance needed to set lifestyle improvement goals.
  • Community Leaders can help in wellness programs can help the society to reach people using existing social structures. This maximizes impact and reduces the time and resources necessary for Health care program development.

Wellness Services

Universal Health Foundation, wellness programs focus on Preventive & Curative Health care directly address stress the core cause of chronic disease/ NCD’s, helping having a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Health Camp

Healthy Bhava: is a health awareness and well-being camp set up with an aim to bring awareness among the people about preventive health care and alternative healing systems Read More

One Day De-Tox

Relaxation retreat is an onsite 1-day wellness and Relaxation Renewed programs where corporate’s are invited to AYUSH system wellness center Read More

Wellness @ Work  

Urja, a Sanskrit work meaning energy; energy for strength; energy for well being.  Urja is a complete Yogic experience with Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Read More

Healing Retreat

Kayayaakalp is an onsite Health & Wealth…together programs where corporate’s are invited to AYUSH system wellness center; with foremost benefit Read More

Wellness Travel

A wellness yoga tourism to help find inner peace by disconnect from demanding routines and to reconnect with ourselves, our body, mind and soul Read More