Wellness Yoga Tourism

A wellnessyoga tourism to help find inner peace by disconnect from demanding routines and to reconnect with ourselves, our body, mind and soul with foremost benefit achieving health, relaxation & de-stressing. We go to beautiful locations where we organize living arrangement & Satvik food, yoga session along with meditation, visits to near by places, tracking etc. Retreat are 3 to 5 days session.

  • The Participants would be taken to the location on day 1
  • The yoga classes & meditation sessions will be delivered by top certified yoga experts and will be tailored according to each individual and group needs.
  • Participants would be served sattvic food.
  • Participants will need to wear loose fitting clothing.
  • Participants would be taken to site seeing, Tracking & Picnic etc.
  • Each participant would be given an AC room on a twin sharing basis.
  • Min-min Schedule of the retreat would be shared with the participants.
  • A feedback form to be filled by each participant after the retreat.
  • Connect with Nature
  • Disconnect with Technology
  • Time with your own self
  • Relaxation & Destress
  • A Healthy Break
  • Healthy Eating
  • Improve your Health
  • Learn to mediate
  • Return Refresh